Welcome to Frusol International. You’ve made the ripe decision.
Our goal is to make your job, easier.

Frusol is a resilient and reliable import company operating out of Toronto, Canada.
With our global connections we are more than confident that we can find the product you want and need.

We mainly work with growers from Spain and Latin America but we are always looking to expand our portfolio to provide you with quality products.

We specifically choose not to deal with the big corporate suppliers and focus on smaller, more traditional growers. By doing so, we receive the best, naturally grown fruit possible; where culture, values and knowledge, are handed down from generation to generation
to ensure consistency and the highest quality.
This is the way fruit is meant to be enjoyed.


Our mission is to make your job easier.

Frusol International strives to procure the best products from abundant growing regions across the world and want to supply you with top quality fruit all year round.
We try to see ahead of the curve and anticipate the peaks and valleys of global produce seasons, to ensure you get the best value for your dollar.
With over thirty years in the industry, our partners know that we aren’t going anywhere and
can count on us to be a reliable and trustworthy asset.

We don’t just want to be your customer or supplier, we want to be your partner.

About Us

Frusol International is comprised of a handful of skilled, knowledgeable and insightful people. Our multilingual team is able to converse in the languages that make the world turn. We act as an extension of your company, to procure the commodities you are looking for.

We have generated and cultivated relationships with growers and suppliers across Europe and the Americas. Over decades they have become a part of our family, as we have with theirs. Even though we are an import company, we represent growers as if they are a part of Frusol International
and nurture our clients in North America as colleagues.

At Frusol, we like the hands-on approach and we will work with you step-by-step until you are satisfied.
With Frusol International, you are making the ripe decision.



Frusol International started as ProFresh International in 1989 in Toronto. Our first shipments to Canada were of dehydrated products from Chile.
John Vince Foods gave us our first crack at the market and put our product on display. Raisins, plums, tomatoes and apple rings were just a few of the commodities brought up to Canada. Slowly, we moved away from the dehydrated products and in to fresh, ready-to-eat produce. As business continued to trend upward, our fresh apples, pears, cherries and onions gained us the notoriety for bringing in fresh and high quality products.

ProFresh’s first major milestone was being one of the first distributors to commercially introduce North America to Spanish Clementines.
Frusol International was born out of necessity as to not be confused with another company using the ProFresh name. The first boxes of Darling Clementines came ashore in the early 90’s, setting the standard for the sweet golden treat that has become synonymous with the winter holidays in North America. The Darling label was nurtured by Frusol International for decades.

Since 1997, Frusol International has been the go-to supplier for Spanish and Latin American citrus.
We continue to supply the Ontario Food Terminal and Retail to this day with fresh fruit and produce.

Frusol International Inc. is an active member of the CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association),
OPMA (Ontario Produce Marketing Association) and DRC (Dispute Resolution Corporation) .



From the plains of Spain, stem and leaf clementines are clipped and packed by hand to ensure top quality.
Throw a few in your salad, or just peel and eat these vitamin rich slices of heaven.



In the Orange Blossom Coast of Spain, lush lemons dot their way through the turquoise waters, vibrant green palms
and white sand beaches to be one of the most sought after commodities in the world.


During cold Canadian winters, Oranges from across the world make their way North.
We take the best of these from Chile and Spain and bring it to your door. Packed with vitamin C that will chase the winter blues away.


cherry bowl_wide

Sweet or sour, black or bing, cherries always make the list of delicious summer snacks, perfect on desserts or for sitting on the dock, you can’t eat just one…



These marvellous marbles of flavour are grown all over the world, used in pies, cocktails and salads,
these antioxidant powerhouses are good any time of the year.



The king of fruit reigns supreme, the apple is one of the most consumed fruits in the world, making it a must on store shelves and restaurant menus.


grapes on vine_wide

Perfect for popping at the park or stuffed in lunchboxes, grapes will always be a sweet treat for anybody who wants a bite sized burst of flavour.


One of the healthiest snacks in the world, the fig is an enigma of sweet, crunchy and chewy,
it’s a perfect treat for someone who wants to try something a little different.



The fruit of gods is an exotic gift for all to enjoy, crack it open and partake in the sweet crunchy ruby’s found inside.




From the Far East comes this tomato sized sweet. Easy to slice and serve, also eats like a peach, minus the pit.

Our Partners

Frusol International only sources the best products from around the globe and that’s why we are pleased to work with our amazing partners throughout Spain and South America.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and orders.


imagenKiwi’s in 10kg, 6kg and 3kg boxes


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